Dr. Dena Petersen

Practice Closure – December 2018

Dear valued patients, many of whom have become valued friends over the years,

Please know that I will think of a great many of you quite often, and I wish you all the very best. As you likely know, after 21 years in practice and 30,000 patient encounters, as of 2019 I will focus my work entirely on conducting clinical trials in my present location. 

Medical records can be obtained by submitting a record release form by mail. Please print the record release form below, fill out your part completely, then mail it to the office address: 2055 West Hospital Drive · Suite 145 · Tucson, AZ 85704, and allow up to 30 days for the records to be transferred. I will select a subset of your record to send to your new doctor, but the full file will be available if needed. There is no charge for transfer to another doctor, but for those wanting a personal copy, the charge is $25 for the first page and 25 cents per page thereafter. I recommend requesting a pertinent subset of your record.

Phone messages will be checked twice weekly by Madeleine throughout the month of January 2019.  If you need to speak with me urgently while transitioning your care, please call me at 520.612.7860. Celina is no longer on site, and the email address she previously used is no longer monitored. 

My very best regards,
Dr Petersen

Patient Authorization Form tmbDOWNLOAD RECORD RELEASE FORM


2055 West Hospital Drive · Suite 145 · Tucson, AZ 85704